Episode 17 The Elbians a Truly Amazing Stroy Part I

March 14, 2018

Terry and Edith Elbian are amazing missionaries to the Philippines and they tell their stories well. We start in the western Mountains of Maryland where a miraculous healing of Terry's mother set him on a course of faith.  But it is a faith that Terry can't maintain as a young man in the Airforce.  We then go to the Philipinies where Edith's mother has dies leaving her responsible for her young siblings and denying her a full education.  Escaping from that with hte help of her cousin Edith began using her skills to make, repair and design clothes on a base the young airman Terry was soon assigned too. 

Terry no longer living the faith that he found as a child, when his mom was healed, was ready to end it all when God using a poor, native Philipino believer dramatically up ends his life which leads to Terry's romance with Edith who was very unsure of this American man and his intentions.  There dating adventures and misadventures going from Church to Church are incredible.

From there we go into why Terry felt a call to missions and Edith's journey to her faith in Jesus Christ and how that faith would change both of their lives forever.  You are going to love this episode and just hold on to your hates for Part II of the Elbian's Amazing Story Part II.  Take some time to subscribe to us on iTunes if you will and leave a five star review it helps us connect more people To All Nations!


Episode 16 Anthony and Cindi Holland Missionaries that are sowing and REAPING in East Africa

March 7, 2018


Hello all, today we are International Gospel Outreach Missionaries in East Africa Anthony and Cindi Holland who run REAP International there. REAP is a disicipleship training program that have trained many leaders over the years in several East African countries.  Anthony and Cindi have had a wide ranging career that have taken them from the inner cities in America to the Far East and then finally to Africa.  Because of their outlook, experience and their results in spreading the Gospel in East Africa the Hollands are always worth a listen.  This is the final interview in our African series you have been listening to over the last few months and I think you will be blessed and challenged by the Hollands.  Please subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a five star review if you like the podcast.  By doing so you will help us connect more people To All Nations! Thank you for listening.


Episode 15: Brian Wolf from the Republic of Georgia to All Nations

February 28, 2018

In this episode I become the interviewee as President of IGO James Graham takes the mic and asks me the questions.  We cover some about my time Georgia and talk about what we are doing now at International Gospel Outreach the future of the organization.  The music of the Episode is courtesy of Georgian Youth singers and Joseph Akhalmosulishvili.  I hope you enjoy it.  At the end of the episode after the credits is a full length version of the Heart of Worship in Georgian.  If you listen to it you will be blessed.  Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave a five star review, that will help us reach more people.  Also if you would like support the show you can do that at igoministries.org or by sending a check to IGO PO Box 1008 Semmes Al. 36575.  Just write on a note separate from the check TO support the Show.  I hope you enjoy the episode.


Episode 14: Arellys Bodie Bringing the Hope of God to those trapped in a Poverty Mindset

February 23, 2018

Arellys Bodie an amazaing woman.  She is from Nicaragua and seen the depth of poverty and the heights of the Love of Jesus Christ.  Our topics are very wide ranging from little know facts about Nicaragua, like thier love affair with the Hawaiin pineapple, to Nicaragua signature foods, to how the hope of the Gospel lift people out of a poverty mindset. Areylls and her husband Cheyenne have led the most short term mission trips of any IGO missionary and Areylls has a lot to say about short term trips.  We also answer good cross cultural questions. Like; how is it that a Nicaraguan can look at a beach and see a resourceless slum while an American looking at the same beach sees a beautiful paradise.  Check out this podcast for some very challenging questions and answers.  Don't forget to support Arellys at igoministries.org or by mail at IGO PO Box 1008 Semmes AL. 36575.  Also make sure you subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a five star review!


Episode 13: From the Soccer Field to the Mission Field Victor Mpoto

February 15, 2018

This was a great podcast with a native of Tanzania Victor Mpoto.  He is a partner and friend to IGO missionaries Glen and Denise Ellerbe.  To say he has lead an interesting life is to understand things considerably.  Listen in to find out how he fought witchcraft on the Soccer field and then gave up his successful career for missionary work.  His passion for the gospel and his love for his people and the Ellerbe's shine through the whole interview.   Please check us out on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast and leave a review.  If you ever wanted to know how national partners think about American missionaries then this is the podcast for you!


Episode 12: Cliff Downey, Reaching the Next Generation in Mobile

February 7, 2018

Welcome to Episode 12 of the To All Nations Podcast.  Today we have Cliff Downey youth pastor at Redemption Church and the West Mobile Campus of that Church.  We talk about the many challenges of youth ministry in this day and age and how the men and women of Redemption Church meet those challenges in reaching the young people of our city.  We cover topics from the state of our over culture to practical ministry steps taken right here on the streets of Mobile to reach another generation with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Give it a listen and be blessed.  Also subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a five star review.  Find out more about Cliff Downey and Redemption church at goredemption.com.  Enjoy!


Episode 11: Jody Pyles IGO’sOwn Action Hero

February 1, 2018

Jody Pyles, teaches marital arts, is an MMA fighter, former police officer, professional muscian, church planter, pastor and business owner.  He some how finds time to have some fun and sleep too.  He is also an IGO missionary and member of the Global fellowship.  Our disucssion ranges over the challenges of resucing women and children from slavery in America and around the world, to how a Christian Pastor who loves guns and martial arts can preach about the Prince of Peace.  We touch on a lot of issue inbetween as well.  Prepare yourself for an action packed episode, as we talk to a real life action hero!




Episode 10: Mike Robertson and IGO’s own people group

January 24, 2018

In this podcast we talk to a father of 9 children and Missionary to Russia Mike Robertson.  Find out how the orphanage he ran was taken away by the Russian Government and how he moved to Siberia to continue his ministry.  Also hear what the Russian people really think of America and what challeges there are to sharing the Gospel in the former Soviet Union.  It was was a great interview and I learned a lot.  Enjoy!


Episode 9: Pastor Daniel Moses and Tanzania the New Frontier in Missions

January 17, 2018

We are talking a Pastor from Tanzania Daniel Moses.  He works with Glen and Denise Ellerbe in Tanzania and he is a remarkable man.  The episode is a little longer than our previous episodes but if you listen to the end the last 10 minutes are truly worth the wait.  Daniel challenges us as he lays out the stakes in for the Christian mission in Tanzania where Muslims, Hindus, Christains, Pagans and Communist Chinese all mingle, compete and strive for dominence.  Christianity is currently leading in Tanzania but its challenges are great.  Give this podcast a listen and you won't soon forget and you will never regret it!


Episode 8: Andy and Robin Rogers and their Ministry of Dignity and Evangelism

January 10, 2018


In this episode we meet Andy and Robin Rogers and their unqiue ministry to bring dignity to the poor, oppressed and needy.  They share unqiue life skills that help people cope or even solve thier physical problems which then allow them to hear the Gospel. By respecting and growing the inherent dignity in all the people they meet, they open that person up to hearing the Gospel and following Jesus.  Literaly sharing the hope of Christ in a real and practial way Andy and Robin can open up closed region to Gospel preaching.  They are extradordinary people and this is a great episode of our podcast.  Listen and be informed, inspired and encouraged!